The Dent Street Demos

by Jude Joseph

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Another three-track demo recorded at a mate's place. He actually knows what he's doing when it comes to mixing so enjoy.


released November 19, 2016

Brendan Healy - production



all rights reserved


Jude Joseph Melbourne, Australia

Acoustic folk punk singer from Melbourne. Also an anarchist. Often intoxicated.

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Cheers droogies!
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Track Name: 80%
I'm a paranoid wreck, collapsing in on myself
And anyone kindly enough to get near me
With a body polluted and not built to please
My habits aren't strong, they're fucking immortal
And you, you'd get drunk, talk shit, run in circles
Saying you're just an asshole going nowhere too fast
And I can't help but laugh at how much it hits home
But you had it the wrong way around

I spent 80% of my time scared to death that I'd fucked things up

I always said this was too good to be true
And yeah, I guess I was right
When I got on the V-Line, I enjoyed those comfy seats
I knew it was the last time I'd be making the trip
And you always said you're unreliable when you're drunk
And you got drunk the night we met
And when you turned up pissed to my open mic
You showed far too much affection and then you fucked off

I spent 80% of my time scared to death that I'd fucked things up
Track Name: Living the Dream
When we were sitting in that room
With the bed and the rifles
And the gaping hole in the wall
I knew it was too soon
To be humouring our demons
But what choice did we have after all?
And they were at the door
Yeah, they had us surrounded
They were coaxing us to that pale death
To be like we were before
We got smart and got wise
And learnt there's more just air in a breath

And sometimes I think that they're right
At times I wish they were right
And my mother can't look at me the same way ever since I started drinking and smoking and swearing even though I

At least pretend I care
About me or my health
Or whether I'm feeling happy today
Cos I somewhat aware
That nothing's gonna work out
Like I picture it in any way
And here sitting in this cage
I have just enough room
To get the smell of piss out of my nose
And I look back on every day
I spent beating around bushes
Stumbling through your life with my eyes half-closed

And I don't regret a single second
No, I don't regret a single fucking second
But I know that closure's good and change is right and whatever, all that bullshit, and that I'm some self-destructive moron, even though I

Yeah, today I tried to eat right
I've been trying to fix my body
One step at a time
And I say I feel alright
And we've patched up the cracks in the ceiling
So now everything's fine
But I still feel the raindrops
Splash onto my face every night
And I'm afraid to turn out the light
And when someday the pain stops
I'll gather up these sheets and pillowcases
And set them alight

And someday I'll bother buying the matches
But I doubt I'll end up buying the matches, instead
I'll buy another instrument and make music about how everything is shit and I'm fucked, even though I

I probably can't complain
I've no right to complain
Track Name: We're All Like That
This city of heart attacks and divorces,
Pretty white horses and heavy rain
Pounding on luxury cars
As though they're not above the laws of weather
The skyscrapers spreading out like wavelengths
Across a sky of unnatural green
I stare from my backyard past the trees
Wondering what this all could mean

This city is trying to take me down
A peg or two, the bustling throngs
Of self-indulgent bodies
Push and pull their way through the streets
Duck into the alleyway and
Catch your breath, you and I
We're animated corpses
Holding on like hell to what we've got

And some days it doesn't seem like much
But whatever it is, it's all we have
So if it doesn't seem like much
Then it's all the more beautiful

This city is falling all around us
But I don't think we could care less
It's brought you to your knees
So many times you can't help but laugh
The bland austerity, like guns
Pressed in our backs, pushing us away
From the love of life we remember like
It was ten years ago today

This city, it holds our heart and soul
Keeps them locked up in its chest
But through cracked factory windows
And painted laneways, we catch glimpses
And we will fight to keep them safe
Hope to God that they don't age
And lose everything we've fought through
So much bullshit to achieve

"This city, it's gonna fucking kill me",
You whispered in a scream
It barely made a sound
But it resounded so loud it was deafening
And you've talked a game of leaving and
You wanna just take off to someplace else
Well if I didn't need you here
I'd probably pitch in for the flight

But this city of heart attacks and divorces,
Pretty white horses and heavy rain
It's where we're meant to be
Cos nowhere else will really fix us
So we'll just sit down by the river
And joke about all the pollution
In the water, in the air
And in my body for a while

And some days this doesn't seem like much
But regardless it's all that we have
So if it doesn't seem like much
Then it's all the more beautiful