Live at the Bendy

by Jude Joseph

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These are three live tracks handpicked from the Mother's Day show at the Bendigo Hotel. Enjoy.

P.S. Cover art wasn't actually taken at the same show. It was taken by my supportive friends Kavanagh O'Dowd and Josh Subra at a Wherehouse Presents show at Fast Eddie's the following week.


released June 2, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Phil Murdock.



all rights reserved


Jude Joseph Melbourne, Australia

Acoustic folk punk singer from Melbourne. Also an anarchist. Often intoxicated.

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Cheers droogies!
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Track Name: Genetics and Jobs
I've got this problematic gene
That makes me hate everything I wanna do
Whether it's just finishing this song
Or being a better person when I'm around you

Whenever things don't go to plan
I wanna go to fucking town on the bathroom wall

I'm just sick of nights that go to shit
They're losing their poetry
Can't remember the last thing that I did
But whatever, it's history
I wish that no one had a job
I wish that everyone would stop growing up

I got this problematic gene
My mum's afraid I'll turn out like my father
And that wouldn't be such a bad thing
If he were less of an abusive asshole

Whenever I think of that man
I wanna go to fucking town on his goddamn face
Track Name: God Loves Us
Well everything is perfect and God loves us
And everything that makes you sad is just a social construct
I'm trying to sleep through aching hunger but it's okay
Cos the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day

But there's a gun pressed up against my head
And every word you speak is like another drop of bloodshed
And it's gushing out my wrists at alarming rates cos you just don't shut up
But I like seeing you excited so I'll just have to harden up

But who needs blood when you've got love?
And who needs love when you've got cigarettes and tainted blood?
And God is on my side, thank Christ my mum taught me to pray
So I'll thank the Lord, the sun is shining and it's a beautiful day

But there's a knife pressed up against my neck
Serrated steel puts grooves into my skin showing I'm a wreck
When I said that I was good, I just meant better than before
But you won't catch me wishing everything could work out different anymore